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Quiz By : aryana1234

what is your warrior name?

1.  First of all, your pelt color, what would it be?
 Dark brown
 Silver and white
 Flame orange

2.  What is the rank you dream to have in your Clan?
 Medicine cat
 Regular warrior
 Senior warrior

3.  What clan?
 Plain ole StarClan

4.  Pick an element in nature:
 ALL of Nature

5.  What is your favorite kind of prey?
 Toads! Lizards! Bravo!
 Rabbits are delicious....
 Anything! But if I had to choose'd probably be mice
 Um....Voles, I guess
 Oh, the taste of birds is hypnotizing

6.  You scent the agonizing stink of ShadowClan in your territory. What do you do?
 Excuse me? Are you saying that my Clan STINKS?
 I would investigate...I'd form a small patrol of two or three
 I would follow the scent trail to see if I could find anything
 I'd grab my best friend and mate, we'd find that sucker!
 Oh...I'd tell my leader, that's all

7.  StarClan gives your leader a prophecy; he/she didn't tell you the exact prophecy, but it involves you going on a quest.
 It's StarClan's will....I'll do it!
 Pah! I'm an elder! Give me a break, StarClan!
 I'm greatly loyal to StarClan, if they say it, then I'll do it!
 Duh! Why would I disgrace StarClan?
 I'm brave enough to do it...
 Hmm, hmm? I AM the leader!

8.  You are the leader of you're is your job to name Frostpaw, a very worthy apprentice, what do you name her?

9.  Your mate/you has given birth to two kits, one black and one silver, what do you name them?
 Silverkit and Blackkit, easy enough
 Rainkit and Darkkit
 Moonkit and Nightkit
 Twilightkit and Midnightkit
 Cinderkit and Emberkit
 Rockkit and Dovekit

10.  At the Gathering, the deputy of -Clan blames your Clan of stealing food from their territory, what do you do?
 That piece of scum! I'd beat that stupid deputy to pulp!
 Demand why we would want their disgusting prey
 Try to ask what we did to make him say that
 Don't say anything, but stand tall with my Clan's defiant protests
 Face the deputy's leader and demand if his blame is true

11.  Do you wish warriors cats was true?
 Heck yeah!
 I wouldn't mind either way
 No, I don't wish it was true!
 No, thanks
 Of course I do

12.  What warrior would most likely be your mentor?

13.  How about apprentice?
 Willowpaw (In RiverClan)

14.  who would be your mate?

15.  What warrior would you be in the real "Warriors" series?

16.  Is this quiz worth it?
 I'll give it to ya
 Of course
 It was okay
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