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Quiz By : aryana1234

What is your Warrior Cat name?

1.  What would you like your pelt color to be?
 Light brown

2.  You spot a rogue on YOUR Clan's territory! What do you do?
 Calmly ask them to leave, if they don't let out a battle call and attack.
 Ask them why they're on your territory.
 Attack, yowl to alert close by patrols
 Stare dreamily at them, and say; Please leave
 Ask them heatedly, what they are doing on YOUR territory

3.  What is your personality?
 Strong-willed and brave
 Loyal and true
 Dreamlike and courageous
 Sharp-tongued and brave
 Fierce and courageous
 Loyal and fierce

4.  You are hoping to become deputy after your leader loses his ninth life. But your new leader chooses your best friend instead of you. What to you do?
 Pah! What's my leader see in my friend?
 What are friends for?
 Sadly congratulate your friend, but deep inside, you feel angry.
 My friend deserves it, maybe next time...
 ...What'd you say?
 Sharply tell my friend that I derserved that rank! Then walk away irately.

5.  What kind of prey do you enjoy?
 Well, mostly fish and water voles...
 Anything! From mice to birds to voles...
 ....I like rabbit.....
 Fish, just fish!

6.  What is the one and only Clan you feel you belong in?
 I hear StarClan calling me...
 Do I really have to answer that?

7.  Select a substance in nature:
 Trees, leaves, EVERYTHING!

8.  In the "Warriors" series, which would most likely be your mate?
 Let's see, well, Silverstream's cool
 Blackstar, of course, he's charming
 Onewhisker, plain ole Onewhisker
 Tallstar's awesome!

9.  Who would be your worst enemy in The "Warriors" series?
 Tigerstar is the ONLY choice, right?
 Onestar is an insolent prat!
 Brokenstar! That idiot!
 Well, don't really have a grudge against anyone...
 Rainflower! She totally ABANDONED poor Stormkit! Named him Crookedkit! The poor little kit was innocent!

10.  You are leader of your Clan. You have to choose a name for your former apprentice's apprentice, Morningpaw, what do you name her?

11.  If you were a rogue, would you crave to be a warrior cat?
 Well, DUH!
 Yes, of course
 Nope, nope, nope
 Nah, I don't think so...

12.  Last question, did you like this quiz?
 I liked it...
 It was cool
 I TOTALLY LOVED IT! | Copyright 2006-2008