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Quiz By : Abigail

Will you go to starclan or darkforest

1.  If you were a warrior cat what rank would you be?
 Med cat
 Or kit

2.  If a rouge was about to kill you're leader what would you do?
 Atack him
 Kill'em dead
 Just watch
  Yell it out
 Confront him
 Or chase him

3.  Out of these three cats Who would be you're mate?

4.  If you would be in a clan what would it be?
 Or a rouge

5.  Would you kill Firestar if you had the chance?
 Yes, definetly
 No, not in a million years

6.  Would you rather live by a.....
 Twoleg house

7.  Do you think Tigerclaw/star should of died that way?
 No cat should of died that way
 Yes he should for being so evil | Copyright 2006-2008