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Quiz By : Owl Moon

What of my Clans are you in?

1.  you enjoy.......
 Doing your talent, but have time for buds
 Pranking ppl and hanging about
 hanging out with MOSTLY friends
 video games, tv, or computer. sometimes a friend

2.  You can....
 put foot behind head
 odd muscle tricks
 Touch your nose with your tongue
 da worm!

3.  RP: you smell a new scent, its a cat, you......
 Leap right up and confront it
 Step out to startle it and ask who they are, and why there are her.
 Walk up to them, and tell them to leavee, or else ;)
 Run up and ask them right away who they are and to leave right now or there may be a fight

4.  Youre best at........
 sports, dance, or gymnastics
 art, designing, or wildlife stuff
 school stuff, i guess
 vision, shooting bb guns, or fishing. helping nature

5.  at night, youd like to see....
 badger or skunk

6.  what kind of tempature do u like?
 in da 65 to 70 range,
 in 80s to 90s to 100s
 in da 70 to 75 range
 in da 60s

7.  your fav color is:::::
 white/yellow/orange | Copyright 2006-2008