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Quiz By : dutchgirl8

What would you look like as a warrior cat?

1.  What is your speciality?
 Alone, in the quiet. You never make any noise.
 Bright and friendly, you like standing out.
 You easily blend in and don't get critism nor comments.
 Yelling and being hot-headed.
 Talking things over and calmign people down.

2.  Which animal sounds best?
 What on earth are you on about?

3.  Taco, muffin or poptart?
 Taco muffin in shape of a poptart
 I can punch, y'know.

4.  La, Da or Tra?
 La la la :3
 Tra tra tra?
 Da da da?
 Tra la da tra la da!

5.  What is your fave colorus out of the following?:
 Pink or Blue
 White or peach
 Red or Green
 Red, purple or Black | Copyright 2006-2008