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Quiz By : dutchgirl8

What Warrior cat rank are you?

1.  You walk to a hunting ground, and are greeted by a large pack of wolves. How do you respond?
 This is for my clan!
 Get out of my way, filthy mouse-brains!
 I must tell my leader!
 I-I-I must save the younger ones!
 Oh no!

2.  You bump into a rogue.
 Hello, brother, now GET OUT OF MY PATH!
 Mercy please. D8
 Stand by!
 You are on my territory, dear rogue!

3.  What do you hunt when you go hunting?
 Simple, small mouse.
 A nice variety.
 Any prey can be caught by me!
 Ilike a winged creature - a nice challenge.
 Anything will do.
 Me? Hunting? I don't hunt. Others will follow my orders if I wish for food.

4.  You are weak.Hungry. A large eagle is soaring overhead, eyeing you. What do you do?
 *Collapses* Starclan, here I come!
 I have fight left in me!
 I will stand up... for... for... for my CLAN!
 A strong warrior stands tall!
 ... :(

5.  A cat is dying, but it is from another clan. You must not help it, by law of your clan! What will you do?
 Clan? What clan?
 I must ask my leader!
 How do I help a dying cat? Bye!
 Oh no!
 I must not betray my clan...
 I must help!

6.  BANG. Twolegs set off fright coloured things [fireworks]. You hear a hiss, and come to find that a lone kit had been exploring a firework before it set off, and was now dead. WAIT! it's not a lone kit! It is form your enermy clan! You pick it up and carry it to a river to think. Your enermy clan's leader comes along and calls you a murderer!
 Yes! I DID IT! *Proudness*
 Seriously? ME?
 I didnt! *Explains story*
 *Explains story, claws extended incase*
 Take your stupid rag of a kitten!

7.  ARGH! Your best friend just bit your neck, your dying!
 Friend? What friend?
 You... you... betray me!
 No.... My clan...
 The kits! Who will help the kits!
 Eeep! *Fake dead*
 Noooooo! *Mews and dies*

8.  You and your family are taken to kittypet life.
 I must return to my clan!
 Oh god, what is this @:!?|£^^$ they put in my food bowl?
 Oh noooooo! Hey, nice thing on my neck! ;D
 Cool! Look at this little toy mouse! ARGH! IT MOVED!
 My clan needs me!
 Phht, beats being alone.

9.  If you were a different animal, what would you be?
 Anything like a wise, brave owl...
 Something deadly like a wolf or polar bear! A MONSTER! >:D
 Something trustworthy, but strong... A horse! A eagle!
 Something like a dolphin, or lioness...
 I dunno. D:

10.  Hmm... does DawnClan ring a bell? Maybe Chickensmoothie?
 Im vegetarian! Egh, Chickensmoothie...
 CS, yes, but not DawnClan.
 Dude, WHAT?!
 I guess it rings a bell. | Copyright 2006-2008