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Quiz By : blackheadedtoad

What do the Harry Potter People think of you?

1.  Before we start the Rp parts whats 1 thing about you in the list below?

2.  Hair Color?
 Dark Brown

3.  Eye Color?

4.  RP~ Your sitting in your bedroom alone when you hear a knock at the door....what will you do.?
 2)Stay where you are silently.
 3)Run down to the door and scream
 5)Jump out the Window

5.  Your in an apartment and watever you answered you must of tripped and fell out of a 5 story window....
 You Faint.

6.  You open your eyes slowly and notice that your on a train sitting next to a red head boy, Brown haired grl, and HARRY POTTER!
 You look at Red Head "wtf".
 You slap Harry Potter and then yell.
 u listen as the grl explains where you are.
 You fell back asleep.

7.  You look out the window soon later and discover a huge castle The brown haired grl (Hermoine) leans in to you "thats Hogwarts" your reply.
 "Its Huge"
 "I know where i am"
 look out the window.
 Said i was aleep.

8.  Somehow you end up in the castle and are now being put into groups, what one did you get.?
 Thats what im trying to find out....

9.  Now that you know what group your in you can decide what one of these youd want to do.
 How the hell should i know.
 Go for good grades.

10.  Ok weird, Now you can decide if you like this quiz?
 I give it a 5/5
 Hate it.

11.  Do you want me to continue this quiz in a different quiz?

12.  LINK! i want you to join one of these RP sites so plz, JOIN! Wizardly ones about Hogwart SITE!Snakes one in about Warrior cats. blackheadedtoad ones bout anime. number ones about Naruto!

13.  BYE!
 Whatev........ | Copyright 2006-2008