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Quiz By : drewber2635

Which Lantern Corps Do You Belong To?

1.  As you are driving home, you notice a dog on the road. It seems to be limping and in pain. What do you do?
 I pull over, grab the dog, and take it home with me.
 I get out of the car, and scare the dog so that it moves off the road.
 I get out, take the dog home with me, then kill it and it eat. More food for ME!
 I run it over. Its blood splatter everywhere
 I immediately get out of the car, take the dog to my car, and take it to a vet while i comfort it.
 I pass it, but hope that someone will come and get it. Just to be sure, I notify animal control.

2.  You just recently met a girl/guy. After a couple weeks of weeks, you decide that you like them. What do you do from there?
 I ask them if they want to go on a date, of course. Im not afraid of rejection!
 I tell them that if they don't go out with me, I'll slit their throat
 No one denies me! They WILL be all MINE!
 I simply tell them that I am in love with them. I do not care if they dont love me back, just as long as the know that someone loves them.
 I continue to be friends with them for a while longer. I do not want to her any body.
 I'll just wait and see. If all goes well, which i hope it does, then everything will be good.

3.  What is your favorite color?
 Green is a very good color.
 Orange. It is MY color, nobody elses....
 I love violet!
 Red, because it reminds me of blood
 I am very passionate about the color Indigo

4.  What would you do if someone you absolutely can't stand tries to fight you?
 I'll have to accept his/her challenge. I'm afraid of no one.
 I would take out my army knife and put it to his/her face. Then we'll see who wants to fight.
 I will fight them, and i WILL win. Every thing that is his/hers will be MINE!
 I would ask why would we have to fight when we can love each other, in whatever way they/I want
 I would simply say that I wish not to fight them and walk away

5.  What is your favorite animal?
 Bats and spiders!
 I HATE animals...
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