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Quiz By : Zkeene61108

Do you really love your husband?

1.  How is your sex life?
 Romantic and enjoyable.
 Wild and crazy!!
 kinda boring
 I cant get enough 4-5 times a day
 Sex Life? What Sex Life?

2.  When your husband is at work
 You go on about your daily bussiness and trust him enough to know that everything is okay
 Call him constantly and stop by to check up on him
 Freak out and worry that he is cheatin on you
 Pack his lunch with cute little notes and wish him a good day at work. Then spend all day preparing a romantic night.

3.  How do you fight?
 We talk it out when things get heated.
 I sit in the corner and cry
 I beg and plea with him to forgive me and until he cant stand it anymore
 I yell back and sometimes say hurtful things.

4.  what is the nicest thing you have done for your husband?
 Prepared a romantic dinner , and bubble bath , then I dressed in my cutest nighty and enjoyed the rest of the night with some love making and cuddling
 I bought him his favorite item
 I thanked him for something
 I had him call off a week of work so I could spend every minuet with him
 I am not a nice person

5.  Who does the chores
 We split the chores and help each other. Sometimes we try to make them fun.
 I help him with everything because I just want to be by his side as much as possible
 I do all of them for him , he is my hunny bunny
 He does them!! He's supposed to be the man of the house!

6.  Would you die for him
 Yes no matter what
 No way
 Depend on the situation
 I would jump off a bridge if he asked me to!

7.  Do you want Children with him?
 Yes one or two
 Yes Three or four
 Yes! As many as possible
 No! Our kids would be so ugly!
 We have children and we love them very much.
 We have them and they are rugrats!

8.  How do you see you husband
 He is gental and careing and he loves me with all his heart.We are best friends!
 He is funny and likes to have a good time.
 He is my idol I put him on a pedal stool.
 He gets on my nerves all the time. He's lazy and sloppy!

9.  How well do you know your husband.
 We talk all the time and are always learning new things about each other.
 I know everything about him from the day of his birth. He has no secreats.
 I know everything I need to know.
 I don't kinow and I don't care!

10.  If you could change one thing about him , what would it be?
 I love him for who he is. That's why I married him.
 Nothing at all he is perfact!
 A Few things but nothing major. He would change things about me too , I am sure.
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