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Quiz By : Lia998

Find out what your future husband/wife will be like.

1.  what type of person are you attracted to?
 a hard worker
 a person with tatoos and a smoker
 a loving and caring person
 someone who babysits
 someone who is always getting bullied or hurt
 a person who drinks and gets into fights

2.  how is your current or ex boyfriend or girlfriend?
 they are still in jail...
 always busy doing their job
 they are in the hospital again
 never had one...
 i'm not sure they don't talk to me often
 they take care of their brothers and sisters so i never see them.

3.  how often do you drink alcohol of any kind?
 all the time
 only once in a while
 after a hard day
 as often as i can
 so much i trip over everything

4.  what is your favorite type of movie?
 i don't watch movies
 stunt movies

5.  whats your favorite time of day?
 late night
 early morning
 anytime its dark and nobody can see me
 any time
 bed time

6.  whts your favorite tv show?
 pokemon or kids anime
 law and order or CSI
 i don't have time for tv
 survival or lost
 anything that has someone who dies
 anything with sex scenes

7.  what pet would you like in the future?
 cats or hamsters
 i don't want any pets.
 spiders or rats
 something good with kids

8.  what kind of job do you want?
 one that won't interfere with family
 something in the late night
 one that akes good money but keeps me safe
 factory work
 i don't want to work,my spouse should
 something with lots of money and lots of hours | Copyright 2006-2008