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Quiz By : HalloweenJuNkY

What Type of Werewolf are you?

1.  You see a little girl crying in a feild she has lost her mom you,
 guide her in the right direction and watch over her
 Call apon your other clan members for assistance but you don't get to close
 deside to rip the week human apart and desplay her body for all to see
 know the laws of the clans so you cant talk to her but you turn into the simplest wolf form and confert her and let her ride apon your back to safty

2.  It's a full moon, It is the time to hunt how would you go about your kill?
 you take on a challenge and make it a fair fighting chance
 you like to play games and bleed fear into your victims, all they'll know is the confort of their screams before your through.
 you hunt with your pack you usally lead the pack and make the final blow
 you make it as painless and quick as posible, even though you are a messy eater

3.  You have just been caught by a angry mob and you are cornered and surrounded you,
 use your brain and sly tricks to make you unseen
 howl for assistance
 can take them you are a strong and determined leader
 free yourself then they are destracted, and take them out one by one. The men, the wemon, . . the children.

4.  Your best friend has just been brutally murdered you,
 take revenge, and not stop until the thing resonsible is destroyed
 morn the loss but get over it in time, after all death is just another part of life. And the person who did this will get what's coming to them.
 track them down and find justice for their crimes
 hunt them down with my pack

5.  A lone male has just entered you territory with the intent of taking your clan and mate you,
 Defend your pack together
 stand your ground you are confident with your strength
 set traps, and lead them away from your clan
 atack the lone wolf without worning and rip it to shreads

6.  You are on a patrol with a couple of you clan mates, and you spot another clan coming towards you, you are in their teritory now, you,
 comly leave you respect all clans and you don't want to start anything.
 take on the pack you needed to extend you teritoy and find a new mate anyway.
 you find yourself alone you cant take them on so you sneek them away.
 you will fight if nessisary but if you can make them your alies you could be stronger.

7.  You have fallen in love with a human, you know it's against the rules of the clans you have break you so you say,
 My famialy dosn't aprove.
 If I can't have you as a human I'll take you as a wolf!
 I would never hurt a human
 break it off, the 'Loving way'

8.  You're hiking in the woods alone. While crossing a meadow, you look up and spot a werewolf at the edge of the forest. The werewolf snarls, drops to all fours and runs at you. What do you do?
 Drop to the ground and curl up in the fetal position, making sure to cover your head
 Turn and sprint in the other direction
 Run to the nearest good-sized tree and climb as high as you can.
 Run AT the werewolf, screaming loudly and waving your hands aggressively.

9.  You see the full moon you first reaction is,
 turn into your werewolf form

10.  what is your favorite part of being a Werewolf?
 the killing and the screams
 the company
 the wisdom
 the fight | Copyright 2006-2008