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Quiz By : laureeno

Sexuality Quiz for girls

1.  So who are you/who do you think you are attracted to?
 Girls all the way
 Both genders
 I'm not so sure...
 Only guys, oh I love their hot abs
 Anybody, it doesn't matter what their gender or their sexuality is.

2.  Favorite body part(s)?
 Vagina and penis
 I don't know
 Any body part, even people with male and female organs are fine.

3.  What would you do if a hot chick's cleavage was showing? (but not too much)
 Wow...I would love to bury my face in that...
 Woah that's hot
 I would think that she looks beautiful
 I would not take much notice.
 Hmm...I wonder what her sexuality is...doesnt matter

4.  What do you think of girls?
 They are so hot and SMEXY
 They are pretty hot, but then again I sure love a guy's body too.
 I think they are pretty
 They are awesome and fun to hang out with.
 They are so hot, I wouldn't care even if she was a transexual or any other sexuality.

5.  What do you think of dudes?
 Ugh, I think they are okay as friends but I wouldn't consider dating them.
 They are super smexy, but so are females.
 I'm pretty sure I like them...but then again...
 Yes I love them too, as well as either gender with whatever sexuality.

6.  What do you think your sexuality is? Choose the one that you are most confident about.
 Straight as a pencil
 Pansexual | Copyright 2006-2008